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Spending about 18 hours a day working, health workers have no time to waste cleaning bunch of tools, equipment and clinic. That’s why, chores are being done by their assistants, or cleaners.

But what if, you’re alone? How will you do the “cleaning” in just 30 minutes?

Let’s make this quick.

Here are some useful tricks to make the most of your 30 minutes, or less.

  1. Multi-task. Sterilize your tools and leave it for quite some time in a dirt-free area to assure its sanitation. By then, vacuum or sweep the floor and wipe the window. Get away to those dusts! It fills the air of your clinic. The moment you finished the windows and floor, sanitize your hands and get the newly-cleaned tools.
  1. Sweep or wipe, whatever you like. If you’re using fans, open the lid and brush the trapped dust, after it, carefully wipe the blades and you’re done! If you’re clinic is air-conditioned, you just have to brush the dusts from the reachable part of it. Be careful, aircons are costly.
  1. Last! Sorting.Patients will feel unease if your clinic has papers piling up in desks and squeezing in your cabinets. And you’ll probably be named Dr. Sloppy.

Sorting of documents is kinda tough. So, you’ll lose patience, and so are your patients.

But, the good news is: Electronic Medical Records (EMR) are here! These are websites, or apps which allow you to store and access your patient’s records with ease. So, stop piling those papers because you all have is just 30 minutes.

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