6 years ago on November 23, 2015

How To Make Your Clinic Environment-Friendly?



When the sun shines in the morning, you can’t expect a gleam climate the whole day. As several reports of illegal loggings, improper disposal of garbage and massive growth on population make the climate worst.

And since you care for the world, you need to read this.

Here are some reminders to ensure you and your clinic is not triggering climate change:

  1. The General Rule: Turn off appliances or equipment when not in use.

The rule is easy. Release the plugs in the outlets. They need to breathe, too. As you release them, you’ll help the atmosphere in controlling toxins in the air.

  1. The sun is bright, turn off the lights.

Open your window and let the sun shine through your clinic. It’s a double whammy: electric bills will not be a burden, and you’ll save the planet’s future.

  1. The atmosphere is choking, minimize CFCs

Chlorofluorocarbons are damaging earth’s ozone layer and emit harmful ultraviolet rays directly to people.  CFCs are from the usage of air-conditions, which gives a warm temperature in our clinic but badly affects the atmosphere.

How to limit the use of CFCs? Open your windows and let the wind touch your skin. Or use low-consuming electric fans rather than CFC-driven air-condition.

  1. Every drop counts

For the next ten to twenty years, we will experience scarcity in water [2]. Water in dams will not purify our thirsts and our mothers can’t cook sinigang or nilaga anymore. It’s a nightmare.

But, the good news is, you can apply three R’s to gradually prevent it from occurring. By reducing yourself from excess use of water and reuse water to clean your bathroom floors, and windows. Paper and plastic are not the only things to recycle, even water, too.


  1. Go for a paperless clinic.

Paper production is one thing that provokes the cutting down of trees [3]. But, the good thing is the emergence of “paperless” records increased.

About 90 percent US Doctors noted that Electronic Health or Medical Records performs better functionality and easy-to-use-data-entry systems which help to improve the quality of patient care.

As EMR spreads in the Philippines, you can store your patient’s records easily in a secure, confidential environment-friendly way.

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