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Dr. Ivan: Boosting Smiles and Flying High


Dr. Ivan Brillante flying high

Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are just three of the millions of apps involving photo sharing where people can see a whole lot of selfies. But, capturing an Instagram-worthy selfie considers various factors including your perfect smile, which definitely lightens up the whole photo. Thus, people must  have their smiles intact for their perfect snap.

No one, not even our loved ones, can brighten up our smiles the way dentists can. Well, we can’t blame them since they’ve spent years studying on helping us achieve our radiant smiles through quality dental care. And so, we have interviewed Dr. Ivan who’s really impassioned about dentistry. Besides that, he is also a pilot by profession and enjoys being 3000-7500 feet above ground level.

His Road to Triumph
Surprisingly for someone who really loves his field, Dr. Ivan never planned on becoming a dentist. However, because his mother was a dentist, he grew up exposed to the world of dentistry. He may have different aspirations when he was younger, but he took up dentistry as a means of helping out his mother in her practice and his family, in general, since his mother was widowed and ill when he was proceeding his study to college. Despite that, he has no regrets because not only he is fond of caring for patients and making them smile but most importantly, it has been his instrument to fulfill his childhood dream.

Although Dr. Ivan considers being at his best when treating patients, his childhood ambition  was on the field of aviation. With the help of his wife, who is a dentist as well, he pursued this passion. By being a dentist, he can schedule a patient’s appointment, therefore making it possible for him to do the things he loves. And so, if he isn’t in his clinic fighting cavities and making patients’ teeth gorgeous, he is savoring an impressive view from thousands of feet above. At present, he is both a dentist and a pilot. In spite that he really wanted to become the latter early on, he has no problems being both.

Dr. Ivan with his loveky wife Dr. Anne

Dr. Ivan with his loveky wife Dr. Anne

Two Sides of Being a Dentist
According to Dr. Ivan, by being a dentist, you become both an entrepreneur and a doctor. As doctors, they treat patients and continue to study and learn to provide treatment to patients in order to improve their lives as well. Switching sides, as entrepreneurs, they earn through the equation INCOME = PATIENTS + RESOURCES + DENTIST. That is, they consume a lot of budget for staff, equipment, rental fees, electrical fees and the like. After spending an amount for those resources, they also have to consider an amount to be used for their patients’ treatment. Because of this, dentists also become businessmen since they begin to think about earning more with clients still getting quality service.

Hidden Leisure Pursuits
Now with two professions, him finding spare time may seem impossible. In fact, he doesn’t have much on holidays. Although they can schedule appointments, this should only be done to enjoy some free time and not be abused because they can potentially lose customers. So if he got some extra time, Dr. Ivan plays the piano or the guitar. He also enjoys biking, golfing and watching movies with his wife. On lazy hours, he would likely spend it playing video games.

On His Way of Living
Like most people, Dr. Ivan lives as simple as it can be and goes by the ‘KISS’ principle. He enjoys drinking coffee and having breakfast and chatting with his beautiful wife every morning. He is very content of what he has come to be and his achievements, but still pursues to improve and grow. He foresees himself in the next five years to set up a dental practice in a new mall branch while continually progressing on their practice for older branches.

When asked if all dentists were physically appealing, he happily answered that not all. He perceives beauty as a subjective concept and agrees that beauty is to the eye of the beholder.

Team behind Brillante Dental Clinic
Team behind Brillante Dental Clinic

Recipe for an Organized Work Environment
On the other hand, dental clinics may provide either good or bad first impressions to potential clients. He is happy to share 4 tips of having a well-organized dental clinic. First, for an orderly clinic:

  • Dental materials should be placed in accordance to their uses.
  • Make use of cabinets or drawers and group together materials with related use in the branches of dentistry.
  • Separate as well the instruments and keep them in dry heat sterilizer.
  • For surgical devices, they are kept in surgical tray kits that are in dry heat storage. An hour ahead of surgical operation, these instruments are double packed with drapes and sterilized in the autoclave.

Next, crucial for the proficiency and competence of the clinic is proper training to all dental staff including the receptionist, instrumentalist and the dentists since more customers means more challenge.

Third step is the installation of electrical switches. For the purpose of minimizing the necessity of plugging or unplugging machines, it’s smart to place organized switches. In his case, they installed several outlets with corresponding switches sorted in a single convenient electric outlet, in hidden areas of the clinic. This allows them to leave the devices unplugged and just turn off the switches.

Finally, get digital tools, which will help you work more efficiently, like Medix.  This is a cloud-based patient record filing system that is accessible 24/7. Hence, if you really aspire to have your records organized, this is the most convenient tool you can use since you can access past records by just a click or two.

As Dr. Ivan explained, technology is essential in dentistry. From dental chairs to X-rays, everything you see in dental clinics are applications of technology. With that, he agrees that going digital is a great investment for such technology-based business.

The Ultimate Ingredient in Providing Quality Care
Through the years he spent treating patients, he discovered that patients feel how much a dentist cares. Thus, if you treat them like family/friends, they will always come back to you. And so, he mastered treating patients like how he would attend to his loved ones. As Dr. Ivan shares “Make sure to give them honest and simple treatment that are well within the standards of quality dental care.”

Being a dentist is not an easy job. Still, the fruits of their hard work is all worth the things they go through. Through hands like Dr. Ivan’s, changing the world by improving the best smiles is at arms length.

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