5 years ago on April 18, 2016

The Emergence of Digital Marketing for Doctors


In today’s social media awareness, most people who have a gadget in hand are able to connect with the world in a few minutes of browsing. Even the medical doctors who are busy with their schedules can have the opportunity to use social media to their advantage.

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Workshop for Doctors

An exciting event happened earlier this month for doctors to grow their reach for patients in the social media world, entitled The “Digital Marketing for Doctors” workshop held at Hobbies of Asia and organized by Artisi Design Services in collaboration with Medix. The goal of the workshop was to educate the healthcare professionals on how to use and manage their social media account and build their online presence to attract patients in need of their healthy advice.

With the growing need for healthcare professionals in the country, the digital management workshop was presented to achieve maximum awareness for potential patients present online on Facebook. Setting up and managing social media platforms were discussed in order to get the full potential on how Facebook will work for them. The workshop tackled on giving simple steps on how doctors can make their presence felt in this digital age using social media.

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Vision and Mission

According to Artisi Design’s founder Jem Castro, he wanted to see an online community which is available to all, anytime of the day and anywhere where internet is present. He envisions an interactive community bringing quality healthcare by medical doctors using social media and expand their reach professionally so the public will be aware that they are online to help.

Also, the people need to know that there is a medium available online for patients to check and look for a specialty doctor whom they can reach out to with regards to their healthcare problem. The platform will also pave the way to connect with more people and make an effective approach to the healthcare enthusiasts and build a strong presence online. It means that there is an easy way to connect and contact pediatricians, dentists, surgeons, cardiologists, dermatologists or general practitioners who have a social media account.

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Workshop Highlights

The interactive workshop attendees were able to see how social media platforms work as explained by the speakers. Using their smartphone, tablet or laptop, they were able to learn the basics and wonders of social media. It was an interesting day learning how to immerse and explore the business side of Facebook. It is not just for people who post their updates or photos online but also pose a helpful way for the professionals to gain awareness online.

During the workshop, the speakers shared on how the medical professionals can maximize their presence and promote their services to the millions of the online community. This is one powerful way to attract new and potential patients to check out their page, schedule appointments and even have a chat with the doctor who is online and answer several questions. It was truly an eye-opener for possible ways to make a new approach and reach a wider community.

Paging all doctors out there for another workshop this May 16, 2016, 1pm to 5pm and attend the “2nd Facebook Management and Digital Marketing Workshop for Doctors”. Happening at the Kickstart Ventures in Makati City, it will be an event worth attending. This is your chance to reach out to the millions of online viewers who are continuously looking for answers to their countless questions on their health concerns. With these exciting things to look forward to, surely, the doctor is in.

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