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Dr. Harris Medrano: From Paper to Electronics, a Shift Towards the Future of Contemporary Dentistry


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Like some people with a sense of achievement, Harris Medrano, now a dentist by profession, had a different dream in mind as a kid. A dream once initially realized as one which pertains animals’ health and welfare than treating people off of their cavities or other dental-related problems, Dr. Medrano had once aspired to become a veterinarian as a kid in as early as elementary days – a doctor of a different kind than what he is now practicing at the present.

The shift towards dentistry—according to himself—was as a result of his childhood circumstance all rooted in the proximity of his home to the nearby school to which he was to pursue his studies. To choose the veterinarian route means having to study away from home, an option of which was not ideal for Dr. Medrano which then led to his decision into becoming a dentist instead. Both has the same commonality, after all – He would still don the title of a “doctor” either way.

When asked what he would be if not as a dentist, he said that he was likely a veterinarian instead.

Unlikely Hobbies of a Dentist

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As a person who believes in inner peace and clarity, Dr. Medrano starts his day meditating and praying. With an interest towards music, he also plays keyboard and the guitar. Yet, when neither meditating nor playing some music with any of his instruments, Dr. Medrano spends his leisure time either reading or writing, especially writing poetries.

While neither of his hobbies would point Dr. Medrano into becoming a dentist, all of these activities make himself a successful person with his profession possibly resulting from the inner calmness required in the practice of dentistry.

For him, however, the greatest achievement of becoming a person of his profession is to “win the heart of the pediatric patients once they are treated well.”

Showing his humorous side and general affections, Dr. Medrano was an avid believer that all dentists in general are good looking, regardless of how different each may be in terms of appearance. Whether Dr. Medrano is correct or not with this belief is of anyone’s guess and may be solely under the good dentist’s own discretion.

However, through his working experiences with his career, Dr. Medrano briefly summarizes his learnings in just six words – “patience, maturity, and love of profession.”

Transitioning from Papers to Electronics

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While formerly a traditionalist himself who was familiarized with the old ways of dentistry such as resorting to old manual methods of record-keeping, scheduling, and getting in touch with clients, Dr. Medrano has begun transitioning from the old ways to the new ways of dentistry with the help of technology, made possible by a solution catered for the modern-day dentists – Medix Dental.

Since his shift from the old, manual ways to the new, yet more high-tech ways of organizing records at the clinic, Dr. Harris Medrano has been having an easier method of making new and maintaining records, as well updating new records in a secure manner possible while also get to keep closer touch to his pediatric clients through a more systematic means of communication with them, especially involving treatment schedules they may have in the clinic.

Now, more than ever, Dr. Medrano is more confident in promoting his reach to an existing and potential pediatric clients which not only benefits his profession, but also the people who may need of his special service.

Five years hence, Dr. Medrano sees his career going for the better. This means either being to render service and care to those who may need of them on a wide scale by having separate branches than what he is having now or simply because his service would be more known to more people because of its improved, overall quality as facilitated by Medix Dental.

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