6 years ago on May 18, 2016

Meet Our Top 10 Hot and Stylish Female Dentists


We have known dentists to be great at one thing – caring for and fixing our mouth and teeth. Little do some of us may know, however, that dentists, too, can be hot and stylish.

Proving you the fact of this matter, we highlighted the top 10 good-looking female dentists there are in any clinic:

10. Hannah Dizon

A resident of Manila and a graduate of dentistry at the University of the East College of Dentistry, Dra. Hannah Dizon is the kind of person you would mistaken for a model than a dentist because of her somewhat stunning looks. While there are still much to be learned about her, one thing is certain for now – she works at her own personal clinic, Dizon’s Dental Rehab.

Anyone needs some sudden dental check-up?



9. Karina Bianca Plastina Moreno

Yet another secretive and private person that made the 9th list, Dra. Karina Bianca Plastina Moreno who is now a full-time dentist and owner at Dental Home, was once a student of Centro Escolar University. She currently resides at Meycauayan, Bulacan.

I bet Bulakenos would not mind adding too much sweets as part of their daily diet when there is a beautiful dentist to care for their teeth.



8. Donna Genine Diancin

Now this is a dentist you would be an exemplary of her profession based on her smiles alone – she has got a complete set of sparkly white teeth and a gorgeous look to go with it.

While her current whereabouts is not something she would want to disclose, Dra. Donna Genine Diancin currently works as a Dental Associate at Cada Dental Clinic.



7. Jermaine Gantuangco De Jesus

Also known for her nickname as “Jem,” when asked about herself, the  lovely doctor shares that she is a “dentist with the fluffiest heart.” Now, who wouldn’t want to be taken care of by a charming dentist with a golden heart?

Dra. Jem, among other things, is a resident of Bulacan, a “frustrated chef” who loves desserts, movie and video games buff, and a dentist in Jerrgansus Dental Clinic and an associate at Ingaran Dental Clinic in Manila.



6. Maika Sato

Dra. Maika Sato is a gorgeous dentist and a passionate advocate of oral health awareness and and prevention of certain diseases originating in the mouth. When she’s off-duty as a dentist in Lapid Dental Center, Dra. Maika would either be reading books or cooking some of her favorite dishes.


5. Chinkee Sergio

Aside from her dazzling looks, Dra. Chinkee Sergio is an entrepreneur working and managing her own clinic, Sergio Dental Clinic in Manila.


4. Maria Carina M. Malansing

For a person who believes in the saying “everything can be fixed,” Dra. Maria Carina M. Malansing is clearly destined to be a doctor.

Currently, she works as a dentist at 216 Dental Studio.



3. Miles Cabanes

This beautiful dentists from  from Zamboanga City is now living in the states and was a graduate in the US.


2. Alexis Go

A stunning, multi-passionate dentist, Dra. Alexis Go balances her career as an entrepreneur and a doctor.


1. Patis Bautista

The dentist that topped our list is no other than Dra. Patis Bautista of Lipa City, Batangas, a graduate of Centro Escolar University. Yet like everyone who is in this list, Patis is notwithstanding a beauty to behold.



Disclaimer: As no person who made this list is endorsed in any way or form, the people that made this list may or may not be aware of this feature. Should any of the persons who made this list had any qualms about them being in this list, we would respect your advice by sending us an email about it.

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