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Jaw Droppers, Dentistry’s Most Attractive Men


It’s not every day that you would find somebody, apart from the usual, that made you smile out of affection—it may be due to reasons of good personality or simply because the person is good looking. However, wouldn’t it be better if the same person who makes us smile does so for two reasons that are plain natural such as, the person being a dentist and one who is also good looking?

True to both ideas, we listed 10 of dentistry’s hottest that are worth the clinic visit as is the smile attributed with it:

10. Dhudz Berondo

A man who enjoys travelling, wine and a good, clean adventure, Dr. Dhudz seems to be a complete package. When not in his dental clinic, he is out having fun under the sun,  playing wakeboarding.


9. Rex Trista Villalobos

A dentist hailed from San Jose del Monte, Bulacan and currently resides at Quezon City, Rex Trista Villalobos is more than just his fancy dimples that come with his smiles, and he looks good even without it.


8. John Crespo

A graduate of St. Augustine’s Academy and now a founder of his own business clinic, John Crespo Dental Center, located at San Juan City, John Crespo may not be a dentist but a model at first look, but go to his clinic and I’m sure you would be impressed.


7. Arvin Soriano

Here is a graduate of Centro Escolar University who made the list. Due to undisclosed information, however, that is all that we were able to gather about Arvin for now. Nonetheless, he still deserves a spot in this list based on looks alone.


6. Erick Geneciran Puzo

Would it be surprising to find that this 6th person that made this list is from Centro Escolar University yet again?

Currently, he is a practitioner at his home province of Laguna at Ionics Ems, Inc. and an Associate dentist at Great Smile Dental Clinic.


5. Edward Keith Beduya

A dentist of 13 years’ experience and yet another person who was a graduate of Centro Escolar University, Edward Keith Beduya is already a person considered to be an expert in his profession. Originally from Cebu, he moved to Metro Manila in order to practice his profession in Makati City.


4. Justin Talao

Yet another graduate of Centro Escolar University who made this list is Justin Talao of Angeles City, Pampanga who now resides in Manila. While a little bit shy of revealing much about himself, he is probably best known for his belief that being a dentist is the sum of three factors namely being a doctor, an engineer, and an artist, which basically hinted his line of work in dental aesthetics. Of course, like the others who made this list, Justin Talao is a piece to look at with or without his dentist’s gown.


3. Jan Emil Nava

Having been practicing his profession for 6 years since graduating as a full-fledged dentist from the University of the East in 2010 and followed by being an Endodontist a year later, Jan Emil Nava knew what he wanted in life and managed to achieve it with a huge smile on his face.

But given his looks as both an ordinary person and as a dentist, I bet you do too just looking at him.


2. Steve Mark Gan

Stunning good looks paired with an excellent profile in his career in dentistry, I am sure clients are not the only ones smiling when they see him—I bet his fellow colleagues do too.

A licensed Doctor of Dental Surgery with continuous learning endeavor following it, Steve Mark Gan exemplify what an excellent dentist is. Paired with good looks, he is worthy to be called an icon of inspiration for aspiring dentists in the industry.

He is a graduate of dentistry at Far Eastern University with some extended learning abroad and the proud founder of Gan Advanced Osseointegration Center (GAOC).


1. Caesar Joseph L. Muere

Part actor, part dentist. Who says a good-looking person cannot be an actor and a dentist at the same time? Well, Caesar Joseph L. Muere, also known as C.J. Muere, proves otherwise.

While many may not see him as active as his fellow StarStruck peers, C.J. Muere is actually still active in his career as an actor and model while also pursuing a career in dentistry at Canossa College San Pablo City or Lee-Muere Dental Clinic.

He is a proud graduate of Centro Escolar University.



Disclaimer: As no person who made this list is endorsed in any way or form, the people that made this list may or may not be aware of this feature. Should any of the persons who made this list had any qualms about them being in this list, we would respect your advice by sending us an email about it.

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