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Schools That Smile The Brightest (Top Dentistry Schools in the Philippines According To Licensure Exam Results)


School That Smile The Brightest


After taking the Dental Licensure Examination last December 2015, schools that top the licensure examinations will definitely have the brightest smiles. A long list of universities offering Dentistry course in the Philippines gives quality education to aspiring dentists in the country. Among all the schools, we feature the universities that excel in the licensure examinations and produce countless excellent dentists in the country.

5. University of the East, Manila

With a passing rate of 78.90% on the written phase in the recent licensure examination, UE Manila becomes part of the list. In fact, two (2) of their graduates who recently take the DLE in practical phase bagged the third and fifth place of the highest mark in the examination namely, Charrise Dimaculangan Tapala with 83.13% and Ralph Jacob Manaig Elazegui with 83.06%.

For over 60 years, the University of the East (UE) has offered quality education to numerous graduates who eventually became competent of their profession. This long tradition continues at the College of Dentistry that now offers not just one, but four “Master of Science in Dentistry Programs”, the first ever in the Philippines!

4. Adventist University of the Philippines

Even though the Adventist has just recently offered dental medicine program, they have consistently done well in national boards. In fact, AUP placed 4th for the Dentistry licensure examination last December 2015 garnering a rate of 88.24% for the written phase.

3. Centro Escolar University, Makati

Center of Excellence” as they say. Having the advanced technology in the field of dentistry, CEU continues to give quality education with innovative approach. This puts the university  on the 3rd list, having 92.59% on written phase passing rate at the last DLE. Adding to their pride, Cez Margaret Santillan Acero, Sheree Bernice Tan Lorenzo, and Jose Martin Mariano Santos placed 6th (83.00%), 9th (82.67%), and 10th (82.60%) respectively in the practical phase of the examination.

2. Cebu Doctors University

The Cebu Doctors University is known for its state-of-the-art facilities fit for proper education in the field of Dentistry. There seems to be a guarantee that graduates of Cebu Doctors’ University – College of Dentistry would excel in their profession. The university teaches students theoretical foundation, as well as practical ones. On the latest DLE results, the school was named the second best performing school of dentistry making 96.5% passing rate for the written phase. Rogin Sidayon Liza, A graduate of Cebu Doctors University got 82.9% that placed him on the 7th place in the practical phase of the examination.

1. University of the Philippines, Manila

The best and the brightest! UP Manila tops the dentistry licensure examination last December 2015 with 100% written phase passing rate making them the university that offers the BEST academic program in dentistry. The school provides the most competent dentistry graduates as they have the best training ground for students, motivating students to do their best.  Proving this, Lara Rebekah Sison Gimelo garnered a score of 82.8%, putting her on the 8th place in the list of DLE practical phase examination.

Disclaimer: Rankings are based on the PRC’s issued list of Performing Schools on the written phase who have minimum of ten (10) examinees who take the dental licensure exam. In line with this, the list of the individuals who got into the ten (10) highest place in taking the Dental Licensure Examination is also based on the released article of PRC. No person who was mentioned in this article is was aware that they were featured in this writing. You can send us an email regarding your comments or suggestions on this matter.


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