6 years ago on June 6, 2016

Tooth Be Told (10 Reasons to Date a Dentist)


We’ve just known our dentist to be the one who’s taking care and fixing our teeth. Aside from their superb skills, Dentists have all the must qualities to date them. Here are the ten (10) reasons why you should date a dentist:

  1. 1. Charming smile.

    Surely, dentists have a set of sparkly white teeth that will captivate anyone’s heart plus a hundred percent dental hygiene and fresh breath!
  2. 2. Financially stable.

    Not that money is a big issue, but a dentist makes a great living. Dating galore!
  3. 3. Brainy.

    Smart is an understatement for a dentist. Dentists can think quickly in order for them to come up with the best treatment approach for the patients.  Wearing their dental scrubs make them even look smarter and sexier. So who doesn’t want a smart and sexy date for the night?
  4. 4. Free nights.

    Unlike others who work in the medical field, dentists work in a consistent friendly-hour. They surely are free the night after their eight-hour shift. So expect a lot of dinner dates to come!
  5. 5. Freebies.

    Free! Free! Free! The perks of dating a dentist are obvious. From Check-ups to basic dental procedures will come free. Even a toothpaste might be a bonus!
  6. 6. Noble professionals.

    Dentists are compassionate. They tend to help patients ease in discomfort and let them have their best smile. Truly, being with a dentist will be more comfortable than ever.
  7. 7. Conversationalist. 
    A dentist can explain technical terms, diagnosis, and treatment into simpler words that anyone can easily understand. No doubt, a dentist knows how to make their patients comfortable with their manner of communicating. They know how to entertain people and make the waiting worthwhile. Surely, you’ll never be bored if you’re with a dentist.
  8. 8. Precise. 

    Dentists are precise in doing the dental procedures. They need to be certain and focused in what they’re doing to avoid mishaps. So when you start dating a dentist, don’t doubt him/her. He/she surely is certain about you.
  9. 9. Caring. 

    The Patients put their trust in their dentist’s hand. Dentists are very gentle and caring, they make sure to take care of your teeth. So expect a tender love and care from them.
  10. 10. Jack of all trades. NOT just a dentist but a combination of doctor, engineer, and an artist. They diagnose, fix broken things, and create an art on your teeth! Undoubtedly, dentists are for keeps.

Dating a dentist is a plus thing. So start to make an intentional eye contact to your dentist whenever you visit a dental clinic.  Who knows? You might get a date with one!

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