6 years ago on June 14, 2016

Tooth Untold (The Struggles of Dating a Dentist)


We’re not here to judge or discourage you to date one, but before asking out a dentist, consider the consequences you have to deal with. The list of cons we have will probably make you think twice to date one. So brace yourself and read it carefully.

  • OC Obsessive Compulsive

Say NO to Cavity! When you deal with teeth/mouth almost every minute of your life, the possibility of having an obsessive compulsive disorder about them is extremely high. It is as if a perfect set of white teeth plus a good dental hygiene is a major requirement for you to pass their standards. Better start checking your teeth if you want to go out with a dentist. Generic Levitra pills

  • High Intensity.

Spending eight (8) hours a day facing many people is a part of a dentist life. They have intense close contact with their patient to the extent that they are six (6) inches away from their patient’s face. Due to extreme close contact, dentists are prone to attraction towards another person. So keep an eye to your dentist and make sure that he is completely hooked to you.

  • Stress.

Stress occurs when you have high responsibility and believe me when I say that dentists never run out of it. They face a lot of problems regarding their profession, not only someone’s health is in their hands, they also have to keep them satisfied to gain their trust. Imagine the pressure that they had to endure from keeping the patients happy and managing the business as well.  Take a note of this: every time you go out with a dentist always bring a dosage of patience and humour to help him ease his stress.

  • Unpredictable Schedule.

A dentist’s schedule can be a bummer at times. They will never know when and where there will be an emergency call coming from the patients. Whether they are off duty or on a date, their timetable cannot be certain. While on a date, expect a dentist to turn into a ninja and disappear when they are called on duty. A life of a dentist can be really tiring and hassle but this makes the work challenging. Sominex 25 mg online

  • Full of Responsibility

Dentists are in charge of their patient’s dental health.  From administering anaesthesia to prescribing drugs, and performing surgery on teeth are all responsibilities that a dentist must do.  They have a lot of things to do before leaving their office and sometimes they can’t just leave before everything is settled. A patient’s health is always their top priority. So whenever you date a dentist, try to understand that he cannot be fully committed to you.

This list can be a major turn off to someone who has an intention to ask out a dentist, but even though there are disadvantages on dating a dentist, these should not be a hindrance if you really want to ask your dentist out. Having the courage, patience, and trust will definitely make things work out.

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