4 years ago on July 8, 2016

How Technology Can Bring Your Dental Practice to New Heights


Running a dental clinic requires constant upgrade of oneself and one’s equipment. According to Dr. Chris Agabbao of AV Dental, in order to maximize the return of investment in a dental practice, a dentist must always be on the lookout for new innovations and how the practice and everything in the clinic be upgraded.

One of the most common frustrations experienced by dentists is maintaining dental records. For as long as anyone can remember, dental records are often kept in paper files stacked in filing cabinets. Every dental clinic creates a patient record for every client and keeps it in folders contained in filing cabinets. It’s a horrendous system that often leads to lost records, incorrect filing and simply too much time lost in administrative tasks.

With the dawn of the Internet age and with the increasing usability of mobile technology and cloud platforms, one begins to wonder if there could be a better alternative. This is why Medix Dental, the EMR (Electronic Medical Record) solution for dental clinics, was created.

Organized Clinic Activities

Medix Dental is a cloud-based solution where dentists can keep patient records for ease of access and organization. It also allows them to monitor patient appointments and even setup reminders so that a patient (or the dentist) doesn’t forget a booked appointment. Dr. Pomi Rivera of Empire Dental Lounge shares how painful it can get when a patient forgets their appointment. With Medix Dental, patients and dentists alike are reminded of upcoming appointments via instant message sent directly to their mobile numbers.

Check Files, Anywhere

Dentists are also no longer constrained to be physically present in a clinic in order to assess or view patient records. With Medix Dental, patient records are accessible on-the-go through their mobile devices. This allows the dentists to figure out the proper solutions for a patient’s needs even before they arrive at the clinic.

Seamlessly Connect Dental Clinic Branches

Medix Dental is also useful for dental clinics with several branches. Dr. Cherilyn Merete of Dental World Manila shares how easy they are able to manage patient records even across multiple branches. Because everything is in the cloud, patients can go to any branch for their treatment and the staff can easily view their records and even their payment schedules. It’s very convenient especially if a patient has an emergency and needs to go to the nearest branch in order to get treatment.

More Efficiency in Everyday Practice

With the glowing reviews of dentists who have tried Medix Dental, we can see how this revolutionary platform has changed the dental industry. It is really a game changer in what it has already accomplished.

Ms. Myra Cal-Ortiza of Dentaderm claims that with Medix Dental, they are able to serve their patients better than ever and having patient information readily available on the cloud has helped the clinic and the dentists become more efficient at what they do. Dr. Agabbao is a proud champion of the platform and encourages even his students in the academe to use it in their profession.

Medix Dental has surely changed the way dentists conduct their practice by putting patient records in the cloud and making it easily accessible across multiple devices. Gone are the days of bulky, musty and easily damaged manual patient records. Medix Dental has arrived to change the dental industry.

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