5 years ago on July 18, 2016

GAOC Dental Experience: Made Even Better With Medix


Gan Advanced Osseointegration Center (GAOC), is the country’s leading premium dental center, and considered as one of the most excellent dental service providers in Southeast Asia. They offer a wide array of dental services and they are comprised of a team of dental professionals, with different specializations. It was founded in 2001 by US-trained oral surgeon and dental implant specialist, Dr. Steve Mark Gan, and was catapulted to success, thanks to their dedication in meeting the global standards in dentistry.

GAOC currently has five branches in NCR and is continuously expanding, to provide everyone with their well acclaimed services. They have teamed up with Medix to help them meet the demands of the growing number of their patrons.

Quick Access to Patients’ Records

Gone were the days when GAOC needs to compile the printed records and charts of patients who are scheduled for the day, because with the cloud-based platform, front desk officers, clinic managers, and the doctors are able to check records online, regardless if the patient goes to a different GAOC branch. All of the GAOC patients’ records are compiled in the database so that the physical charts and the information about the treatment plan, and previously prescribed medication are accessible to all the branches of GAOC.

GAOC staff and dental professionals simply need to access the files via the Medix platform, and all of the necessary records of patients scheduled for a particular day would be ready for viewing.

Improved Dental Experience

With every patient’s records conveniently available through the Medix platform, doctors from GAOC are able to respond to their patient’s inquiries better. The previous treatment or procedure, medication and other pertinent information are found in the platform, so whenever patients contact any of the GAOC branches for follow up inquiries, their selected dental professionals can address them easily, by having an immediate idea on the possible causes of the patient’s problems.  Medix also helps GAOC to respond to emergency patients more efficiently because the records are already available for them to check before they start with any procedure.

The records are no longer written on paper, which is a huge advantage when it comes to securing valuable information about a patient. Doctors simply need to scan the physical chart and upload them to the database so that the next time the patient visits a GAOC branch, any attending doctor would be able to address the patient’s dental needs.

Apart from securing the patient’s information, having the files uploaded eliminates the risk of miscommunication between dentists, when it comes to endorsements. The records are all uniformed so they are easy to read.

More Time for Work and Personal Lives

Transitioning to a fully digital clinic management has its challenges, and the GAOC team has gone through it too. But as they learn and continuously use Medix in their practice, they shared that processes are done faster and activities are more organized with Medix. With an advanced clinic record system, they get to manage clinic activities quickly and efficiently while also attending to their personal lives.

Medix. Your Digital Clinic Manager.

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