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Dentistry and Technology


It’s not everyday you get to know more about your doctor. We’d want to keep everything professional, just get down to healthcare business. However, if you’d have a chance to know a bit more background about your doctor, you’d see that his personality somehow reflects on his works and how he handles patients.
We are very lucky to sit down and chat with one of passionate dentists that we know, Dr. Jan Nava, who shared with us how he came to love his profession and reflect this in his daily works.

How Dentistry Chooses Dr. Nava

Dr. Jan Nava grew up like any other kid, going to school and playing sports such as basketball which is one of his passions as a high school student and up until now that he is doctor. He is family-oriented, always finding time for his family and give utmost respect to the family’s legacy of being medical practitioners. Both his parents are dentists, as well as some of his relatives. Treating this as a great advantage, he decided to become a dentist as well, over being an architect or lawyer.

Passion for Profession

As he wakes up in the morning, he starts the day by planning about the things that should be done. He is a natural planner and aims to be on top of thing especially in his clinic activities . His profession and patients are very important to Dr. Jan. He also stresses that dentists should always involve the patient every step of the way, making sure that he or she understands the treatment plan so that it can lead to an informed decision.
When asked what’s the coolest thing about being a dentist, he replies that he gets the chance to help people increase their self – confidence though their smile.

Integration of Technology to Medical Profession

As Dr. Jan Nava gained more information and learned new innovations on healthcare, he didn’t have any second thoughts about using them in his clinics. He strongly believes that technology plays a vital role in peoples’ lives and embraces its benefits especially for the improvement of the healthcare industry and the services he provides. This is integrated in his clinic starting off with the EMR (electronic management record) platform that he uses. With his unwavering passion for dentistry and innovation, Dr. Jan’s plan on expanding his dental practice through establishing clinics in various parts of the metro, would definitely be a success.

Make an appointment and visit Dr. Jan and his dedicated team at Nava Dental Clinic, Unit 218 Grand Emerald Tower, F. Ortigas Road corner Garnett Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City 1600.

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