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Meet the Multi-passionate Doctor, Dr. Kim Fajardo


When you’re with Dr. Kim Fajardo, you’ll definitely feel his undeniable passionate energy. Underneath his dapper looks, lies an inspiring person that does things with full enthusiasm and commitment. Step into his clinic and see a reflection of Dr. Kim – hip, organized and cutting-edge.

Sharing the same passion with his dad

Like most dentists, Dr. Kim was inspired by his father, Dr. Rey Fajardo,to pursue a dental profession. Growing up, he wanted to try a lot of other things. He wanted to become a chef, a lawyer, a businessman and even a drummer! But as he watched his father’s passion in helping his patients, and saw that it is indeed a great profession, Dr. Kim decided to follow his dad’s footsteps. Speman himalaya tablets

Kim runs his own dental clinic and acts as a professor for Prosthodontics in University of the East College of Dentistry. He also conducts several lectures on the subject of Dentistry and is a Key Opinion Leader for various dental products. He always tells his students that as dentists, they do not only help patients have winning smiles, but also give them the opportunity to enjoy the best things in life.

Working on the smallest details

Admittedly a morning person, Dr. Kim starts his day by checking his mobile for his schedule  or  any messages and updates that he might have missed during the night. Seeing everything in order, he gets up and prepares to begin his day. Zenegra 100 mg

As he manages his clinic, Dr. Kim realizes that his practice has to stand out to be a preferred dental care provider. Passion and excellence is everything in his field but apart from that, he takes into consideration other important factors.

He wants his clinic to be always organized and efficient. Most importantly, he wants his practice to be cutting-edge. For him, the patient experience involves becoming particular even with the smallest details, which he believes will set him apart from the rest. He understands how becoming attentive to the needs of his patients will help him eventually reach his goal of expanding clinic operations to different key locations.

Purveyor of innovation and technology

Dr. Kim recognizes that in today’s digital age, you’ll be left out if you don’t use technology especially in your practice. He wants his clinic to always deliver fast, efficient and effective treatments to his patients and he leverages on technology to do that. By using technology, his patients can reach him anytime and anywhere through multiple platforms. This increases his connectivity and service capability to his patients.

For Dr. Kim, using the latest technology is critical to the success of his dental practice. Before, he used a lot of third-party applications just to manage his clinic efficiently. Today, he uses only one

Medix, which allows him to manage his practice efficiently in just one, simple platform.

Living a full life

While he is dedicated to his practice and his patients, Dr. Kim also leads a full life outside the clinic. On his spare time, he goes to the movies, listens to music and reads books. He recommends the book The Starbucks Experience as a must-read.  He is also a music aficionado, playing the guitars, drums and DJs too, occasionally.

Dr. Kim loves hanging out with his friends and travelling around the Philippines and abroad. He considers his travels as learning experiences where he can gain insight on how to improve his practice further.


Visit his clinic at the 2nd Level of Ayala Malls Serin in Tagaytay City. Book an appointment by calling (0920) 9053323/(046) 4432312 or sending an email to: Their clinic specializes in Prosthodontics, Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry. Visit to learn more.

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