6 years ago on October 4, 2016

Dentistry and Running? How They Mix


Most people are surprised when they hear that Dr. Jaqueline Dos Santos is a dentist. People often think that a dentist waits and works in the clinic all day or has little time to do anything but manage her patients and dental practice. But Dr. Jacky of GAOC proves them wrong.

As an active runner, she shows everyone that a dentist can live an active life. Doing so actually helps her perform better in her job. Zoloft online for anxiety

“Being active and constantly moving keeps me fit to do the job whether it’s as simple as a tooth extraction or as grueling as a root canal. It keeps me ready for the next hurdle and perform at the highest level,” Dr. Jaqueline Dos Santos, Cosmetic Dentistry, GAOC

Managing her dental practice on the go is easy for Dr. Jacky. She relies on Medix, an electronic medical record (EMR) solution for dental practices. Medix acts as her digital clinic manager, helping her organize her schedule, track her appointments, and even view her patient records just from her phone. She even receives SMS reminders when an appointment is coming up. Levitra 20 mg

Having everything handy and mobile allows Dr. Jacky to run not just the miles that she sets, but also a successful dental practice.

Check out how Medix can help you achieve a balanced lifestyle like Dr. Jacky. Visit today.

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