5 years ago on October 4, 2016

Mixing Two Boxes: Dentistry and Adventure


We often divide parts of our lives like work and play into different boxes. We’re all too familiar with the clich√© that work and play do not mix.¬† Sometimes, we keep track of one aspect but lose sight of the other, resulting in an unbalanced life. Acyclovir online for COVID 19

This is not the case with Dr. Rey Victor Estrella. He is passionate about outdoor adventure and doesn’t let his dental practice be left behind. In fact, he has found a way to mix the two together and make sure they both thrive.

Dr. Rey’s hobby is exploring the outdoors in his mountain bike. This takes him away from his clinic, but he never worries that he will miss an appointment or lose control of his dental practice. With Medix‘s cloud-based clinic management, Dr. Rey is able to keep track of patient’s appointments, view patient records and know what is happening in the clinic even when he is outdoors enjoying the thrills of nature. Buy Cialis online

As an adventure lover, exploring nature is important to Dr. Rey. As a dentist, staying on top of his patient’s needs is his priority. With Medix, he has found a way to integrate these two vital aspects of his life without sacrificing any of them.

“In life, you can never know what obstacles would come your way; you’ll never know the dangers that lie at the next turn. But when you don’t have to worry about anything, going forward is easier.” – Dr. Rey Victor Estrella, Endodontics GAOC

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